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April, 2021
Spring into Learning

Important Message
During Remote Learning days you will go to your main teacher's page to complete the assignment.  I will send you a link through email and post it on your teacher's Google Classroom for our sessions. If you have any questions please email me and I will try to get you an answer as soon as possible.  Good Luck! Please stay healthy!

PLEASE READ IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for opening a document from my google Drive Folder 
(Please do not send me a request for access to a file, this would alter the document in google drive for everyone.  Files need to be downloaded) 
To open a document on the Google Drive Folder:
Click on the document in your grade level file.  Do not click on the "Open With" arrow and try to open with Google Docs.  What you must do first is download to your computer.  Here is how to download: When you click on the file from your grade level folder, go to the top right corner of the screen.  You will see an arrow pointing down.  This is the download arrow. Click that and the document will download to your computer.  Please open the document from your computer and complete your work on the document.  Save and send it back as an attachment to the email.  

If the document is a PDF you can open it with Kami to complete it or complete your answers on a blank word document that has a title of the activity, your name, and is organized with problem numbers and is labeled.

15 minutes a day of facts practice







Please review basic skills each night:

addition/subtraction flash cards

multiplication/division flash cards


Use those great sites to keep your skills sharp: sum dog, study island, cool math games


Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.


Homework will be posted on the homeroom teacher's site and should be completed each day.  

The best way for your child to become proficient in math is to practice the basic math facts every day.

Addition and subtraction facts -grades 1-3

Multiplication and division facts- grades 3-6


Topics of study through the current month:

It is important to remember that practice makes perfect.  Studying math facts for a minimum of 10 minutes per night will greatly improve your basic fact knowledge and lead to greater success in all areas of math. 


  • Grade 1 : Adding within 10, doubles,near doubles partners of 10, adding and subtracting in word problems, counting on to subtract, subtracting to compare, adding numbers with sums greater than 10 using different strategies, subtracting by making a ten
  • Grade 2 : Adding and subtracting within 20, using number bonds, solving word problems,bar graphing, 2 step word problems, adding 2 digit numbers with regrouping,subtracting 2 digit numbers, 3 digit numbers, comparing 3 digit numbers, mental math with 3 digit numbers
  • Grade 3 :Place value, adding and subtracting 3 digits, multiplication facts 0-12 strategies to solve, commutative, associative and distributive properties of multiplication, multiplying tens, division and multiplication patterns, area
  • Grade 4: Place value, multi digit addition and subtraction, multiplicative comparisons, multiplication and division in word problems, patterns,multi-digit multiplication, division with larger numbers
  • Grade 5:Volume, multi digit multiplication and division, decimal place value, understanding powers of ten, writing and understanding decimals in expanded and standard form,adding and subtracting decimals, adding fractions and mixed numbers
  • Grade 6: Order of Operations, exponents, adding,subtracting multiplying and dividing fractions,mixed numbers, and decimals, ratios, rates, and percentages

Mission Statement

The mission of the Highlands Borough School is to provide a safe environment for the study of a challenging and balanced curriculum which will enable students to become independent and critical thinkers. Opportunities will be provided for students to develop self-esteem, social values, and the motivation needed to continue individual growth while also developing a respect for cultural differences. This mission requires an active and responsible partnership of students, staff,community, and school board.