Lena Culp




TEACHER INTRODUCTION:  My name is Mrs. Lena Culp. This will be the beginning of my 24th year teaching. I will use this page to post homework, special school events, and special classroom events.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with you and your children.



Week of 1-6-20 to 1-10-20

Monday: Math: teacher-made worksheet

                Spelling:  SPB 30 and test Friday     

Tuesday: Math: teacher-made worksheet

                Spelling:  SPB 31

 Wednesday:  Math:  teacher-made worksheet

                         Spelling: SPB 32

Thursday: Math:  teacher-made worksheet

                  Spelling:  spelling words 3x each and test tomorrow  

Friday:  2nd grade:  continue math facts drills- Addition and Subtraction Facts; part-part Whole mats; Number line counting; Hundred chart  



Sites: www.starfall.comwww.studyisland.com  www.sumdog.comwww.hitthebutton.com (GREAT WEBSITES)


School News:

January 10- Bingo Night


Our new series called Ready Math from last this school year is now called Ready Classroom.

Adding Two-Digit Numbers

Introduction to Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers

Words for this week:  Test Friday, 1-10-20

  light, wild, lie, mind, try, sight, high, cry, tie, and dry

Science notes: 

Unit A:  Life Science

Currently, we are discussing living things

We will doing a planting experiment Tuesday, 1-7-20


contractions, reading stories and answering comprehension, ABC order, dictionary skills, writing, vocabulary


Citizenship:  quilt, good citizen chain, good citizen hands

Compassion:  story starters, Acrostic poem, Compassion clown

Fairness:  will sing song, define, make a storybook

Social Studies:  


Types of land and water

All About Weather

Earth's Resources

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle