Lauren McBain

Hi 4th Grade! I will be posting your lessons daily. You will have 40 minutes of math and 40 minutes of ELA daily. You will also have Social Studies 2x a week for 20 minutes and Science 2x week for 20 minutes. Please email with questions. Please make sure you are emailing me daily with your completed assignments. Stay well!
I will be available on Google Hangout from 9-1 if you have any questions or just want to say hi. You do not need to send me everything. Just follow the task instructions for what needs to be submitted.

Assignments for 3/30

Lesson: adding and subtracting fractions 

Grade 4

Subject- Math 

Expected Duration: 40 min

Delivery method- online 

Collection method emailed response

Objective: Students will review fraction concepts taught in lesson 20

Task instructions *This is what students will do*

Students will complete 3 practice and fluency pages from this chapter to review 

Adding fractions, subtraction word problems, and decomposing fractions all located in 3/30 folder 

Please email only your subtraction word problem answers by 7pm 

Lesson- Context Clues/Wonder

Subject ELA -

Expected Duration 40 min 

Delivery method- online

Collection emailed response 

Objective: SWBAT use context clues to determine the meaning of words

SWBAT answer key details about a fiction text, SWBAT make a text to self connection while responding to a journal prompt

Tasks* This is what students will do*

Students will complete the context clues vocabulary lesson assigned on  I-Ready

Students will complete the following journal prompt 

Page 48

Explain why Auggie admires Mr. Browne.  Then, think about a teacher or coach who has changed your outlook on an upcoming season or school year.  Reflect on why this teacher made an impact on your life. Did this person share any of the qualities Auggie sees in Mr. Browne?

*Reread  The Chapter Choose Kind if needed to help you explain why Auggie admires Mr. Browne. 

 Please answer in a complete paragraph. 

Students will read Wonder pgs. 61-64 (Wake me up when September Ends & Jack Will)

Answer the following question 

  What does Jack Will suggest for Auggie to get for people who stare at him?

Looking for more to work on.......

You can work on I-Ready Reading and Math You can read Scholastic News- go to   our class code is blueplant6198 You can read on go to our class code is jbd1022 You can practice math and science on Legends of Learning- go to our class code is McBain1 You can go to to practice ELA and Math games