Laura Petriello

Laura Petriello

Welcome Fifth Graders and Families!

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My name is Ms. Petriello and I will be your child's fifth grade teacher. I am thrilled to be working with your child this year. Fifth grade will be full of laughter, learning, friendships, challenges, successes and other moments to remember.

Specials Schedule

Monday: Library + Gym

Tuesday: Music + Gym

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Spanish

Friday: Computers

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Monday 09/17 + Thursday 09/20: Scholastic Book Fair

Thursday 09/20: Back To School Night

Friday 09/21: 1:00pm Dismissal

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This year I will be using a program called Words Their Way. This is an amazing program for differentiating at all levels for learning new words. Students will receive new word sorts every Monday + will be tested on Fridays. Throughout the week, students will be completing daily assignments to help with sorting + spelling their words.

Reading Corner.png Reader’s Workshop We will be starting our Reader’s Workshop with learning about annotation + using this strategy while reading. Annotation/or Annotating text is when a reader takes short notes to record their thinking as they read through a text. Students will practice this strategy by adding symbols to the margins while reading articles/short stories. We will incorporate post-it notes later in the week.

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Writer’s Workshop

We are kicking off our Writer’s Workshop with R.A.C.E. ! Students will refresh their prior knowledge of using R.A.C.E to complete open ended questions. We will practice with several small articles throughout the week.


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We will continue our beginning unit with Map Skills. Last week we learned about maps, latitude, longitude, a compass. + cardinal directions. This week we will continue our study of map skills + create our own Castle Map.

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Students will continue their study of living organisms. Last week we learned about different classifications within organisms. This week, we will learn about vertebrates + invertebrates. Students will take a closer look into what is special about each.

6th Grade: Last week we learned about the Scientific Method. We discussed the 8 steps + how to conduct an experiment. This week, we will complete an evaporation experiment + use the scientific method to complete a report.