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                      Fantastic Kindergarten

*Please Scroll down to find each day.  I will be keeping up the information in case you did not get to it that day.


Kids log in- Colnork
   Each child has a pass picture.

Reilly- rabbit        Bobby-duck          Emily-fish          Lucy-turtle
Isabella-cat          Chris-Lizard     Lillianna-watermelon
Sydney-strawberry     Annabelle-apple      Katie- sailboat

Good Morning, Today is Monday, April 6th, 2020.  We go to Media and Music today!

*Wake up time: Letter Bb in Alphabet handwriting book.
On the back of the page lets do a sentence. 
Can you see the big ______?      What kind of a sentence is this?  (a question sentence)
So your first sentence has to answer the question.
Yes, I can see the big_____.
Illustrate what you said is big.  Add to the sentence. (examples) Where is your big---?  What color is it?
What an you do with it?

TO DO: Letter K worksheet page 173

*I-Ready 10 minutes
*The Link- The Sunflower House  4/6/20 While you are watching think about the beginning,middle and end of the story.
* Would you like a sunflower house?  Using your small journal and your imagination illustrate what shape your sunflower house would be.  In the middle draw you and you friends!  Label your friends with their names!
More questions about the story on Wednesday!

WIGGLE TIME- if its nice go outside or use one of the links

*I-Ready 15 minutes
Workbook pages 299-300
*Write your numbers- How far can you go?  I sent you all an e-mail with the chart on the students g-mail account  .  The CHART is also on the document box on top of the page as 100 chart

* Book From Seed to Plant

*Highlight the words seed, this,here
*Practice reading this book to an adult
*In your Science Journal draw a picture of a fruit with seeds.  
* Write a sentence- I like to eat _____.  The fruit is (color). Try to add more sentences!

Bedtime- reread your book From Seed to plant

Check your child's E-mail


Hi Everyone, I have sent an invitation to all the students on their school accounts to join in a CHAT with the class.  If you can not join, that's OK.  I hope I sent it out right lol

It is for Tuesday April 7th    9:00 am
Here are the steps:
OPEN E-MAIL from me- its the invitation
Join in
it will say     just click it    follow the directions
Lets hope it works

Good Morning, Today is Tuesday April 7th, 2020.  We go to Gym and Spanish today.
Congratulations to Isabella.  She lost her first TOOTH!!!!!

Wake-up:  Letter C in handwriting packet
On the back of the page write a sentence- fill in the blanks
I can color Easter e_ _ _!
Illustrate your answer.

To Do: Sight word Practice: Come

LAL: I-Ready 10 minutes
        *Book- I Like This Flower.  Read the story to answer questions.
        *Why can't Kangaroo sit with his friends?
        *Kangaroo can not sit with his friends because_________________.
        *What did he do to make himself feel like he belonged?
        *Color the book

  GET THE WIGGLES OUT- Pick a wiggle

I-Ready 15 minutes
Workbook pages 301/302
Can you find anything in the house that looks like a cube?

Health- RAZ-Kids    Go to the assignment        Book: Feelings
Answer these questions- Discuss with a parent
When do you feel happy, scared,  angry
Write sentences in your little journal .  Share with your parent

Bedtime- Think about when you are happy!

   APRIL 8th, 2020                       

It was so much chatting yesterday!  We will pick another day and do show and tell.

I have us signed up with Epic (link) code ela2182
Each child has their own picture.  I have you all on level 1- there is a place for you to hit your level up!
Have fun with it.  Read a lot of stories!

Good morning, today is Wednesday April 8th, 2020.

Wake up- Letter /f/ in your handwriting abc packet.
On the back lets write a sentence.  
I can fly like a _____.  Add to your sentence.  Use your imagination.  Illustrate.

To Do- Worksheet 178 (sick,kick,pick)
Write sentences on the back with the words.

I-Ready 10 minutes reading
Reread- I Like This Flower

Look at link again - The Sunflower House
answer the questions.
1. What does the boy give to the plants every day?
2. What do you think the word mammoth means?
3.  Who would be mammoth, an elephant or a mouse!
4.  What season do they play in the sunflower house?
5.  What happens in the Fall to the sunflower house?
6.  What is in the middle of the flower?
Just for fun. Do you remember our season song?
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  All you got to do is call, and I'll be there yeah yeah, you got a friend oh yeah, you got a friend.   Who are your pointing too!

Wiggle Time!  Pick a wiggle from the links

I-Ready 15 minutes
Workbook pages 303/304

Science- The Lima Bean Packet for the experiment I mailed to you.
In your science journal draw a picture of you putting seeds in the baggie.  Label it using these words
*lima bean
*paper towel
*label you!

Bedtime- Sing Happy Birthday to Emily
Reread your books.  Sweet dreams

Good Morning, Today is Thankful Thursday, April 9th, 2020.  We go to computers today.

Wake-Up- Letter /e/ in the ABC Handwriting packet. On the back write a sentence.
*I can see the E_ _ _ _ _ B_ _ _ _.  He has (color) fur and b_ g ears.  Illustrate your Bunny!

To Do- Just for fun.  Can you find materials around the house to make a bunny mask? Take a picture of you and your mask and send it to me!

LAL- I-Ready Reading 10 minutes
* Phonics Decodable Passage pg.37
Pup is Fun/Highlight words with /u/ as the middle sound.
*In The Sun-page 38
Do the activity box on both pages

WIGGLE TIME-Jack Hartman Easter Bunny Dance and Freeze or go outside or do both!  Try to find places where the Easter Bunny might hide eggs!

Workbook pages 305/306

Link- The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.
1.  Listen to the story 
2.  After viewing answer the questions to make your own mini book so you can retell it to others!

Story Beginning- Illustrate an important event at the beginning of the story.  Write a sentence and label your picture.

Middle of the Story- Illustrate and write a sentence about the middle of the story.

End of Story- How does the story end?  Write a sentence/label/ illustrate

JUST FOR FUN-( Link )  The Easter Bunny Movie

I wish everyone a wonderful Spring Break!  
May this Easter Season bless you all with good health and happiness.

See you on the WEB!  April 20th!


review the cards

Math Information 
This week your child will continue to learn  to recognize the position and shape of objects
 Your child will continue learning to name shapes and describe them.

 Math Vocabulary
Side ,Corner ,Triangle,  Hexagon, Circle, Rectangle and Square

Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, Cube

Position Language

above,below, beside,in front of, behind and next to
Please continue to eat healthy snacks at home