Ashley McFarland

           Welcome My Most Amazing Artists!!          
I am Proud of You!
You are doing a Great Job!!!  


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Ms. McFarland

Here are some awesome sites to check out for activities at home!

Art videos

Art with Mati & Dada

The Artist Who Paints What She Hears

The Dangerous Doodle

Tibetan Sand Mandala

Marc Paper Scissors

All finished artwork can be turned in when we return to school. If you would like to take pictures of your progress, have questions, or want to share the work you have been doing please feel free to email me 

Remember to always just do your best, mistakes can be made into masterpieces, and of course have fun!

This Week In Art

Hello Artists!!!!!
Week of 6/10/2020
all work can be emailed to

This week in Art...

Pre-k and Kindergarten
Hello my wonderful artists! Lets read together the book Beautiful Oops!
Beautiful Oops! | Bay Area Children's Theatre

1st and 2nd Grade