Interactive "On This Day in History" Calendar


February is "Black History Month"
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Space Shuttle Columbia STS-107 Disintegrated during Atmospheric Re-entry, 2003
Label a Space Shuttle.
Full Moon
Color a page on the moon.

Groundhog Day
Take a quiz on groundhogs using the picture dictionary.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded, 1536
Label a map of Argentina.

First soft landing on the moon (Luna 9, USSR) 1966
Print out, read, and color a page on the moon
Halfway Point of Winter
Read about why we have seasons, thentake a quiz.

Rosa Parks born, 1913
Read about Rosa Parks and write a paragraph on her life.

Mariner 10 took first close-range photo of Venus, 1974
Print out, read, and color a page on Venus.

Constitution Day, Mexico
Label a map of Mexico.

National Weather Persons' Day
Take a weather quiz using a picture dictionary.

Queen Elizabeth II Acceded the Throne, 1952
Label a map of Great Britain.

Massachusetts became a state, 1788
Read a page on Massachusetts, thentake a quiz.

Ronald Reagan born, 1911
Read about and take a quiz on President Reagan.

Switzerland granted Swiss women the right to vote, 1971
Take a quiz on Switzerland's flag.
Jules Verne born, 1828
Label the Earth's oceans.
Toothache Day
Label the parts of a tooth.
Treaty of Paris signed, ending the French and Indian War, 1763
Do a cloze activity on the French and Indian War.
Thomas Alva Edison born, 1847
Read about Edison, then write a paragraph on his life.
Abraham Lincoln born, 1809
Lincoln printout to read and color

Charles Darwin born, 1809
Do a cloze activity on Darwin

Bicycle Safety Day
Label a bicycle printout
Valentine's Day
Make heart animals

Oregon statehood, 1859
Read about Oregon, thentake a quiz.

Arizona statehood, 1912
Read about Arizona, thentake a quiz.

Galileo Galilei born, 1564
Read about Galileo, then write a page on his life and his discoveries.

Canada first hoisted its national flag, 1965
Color and take a quiz on the Canadian flag.

Miranda (moon of Uranus) first photographed, 1948
Print out, read, and color a page on Uranus
New Moon
Take a quiz on the moon.

Random Acts of Kindness Day
Write a page on an act of kindness.

Chinese New Year Starts
Make a paper lantern.

Pluto Discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, 1930
Read about Pluto, thentake a quiz.

Presidents' Day
3rd Monday in February

Take a quiz on George Washington.

Nicolaus Copernicus born, 1473
Make a model of our Solar System

20<brJohn Glenn orbited the Earth 3 times (1962)
Read about and color the Earth.

Frederick Douglass died, 1895
Read about Douglass and write a page on his life.

Love Your Pet Day
Draw a picture of an imaginary pet and describe it.
George Washington's Birthday, 1732
Print out, read, and color a page on Washington

World Thinking Day
Label a map of the world

W.E.B. DuBois born, 1868
Read about DuBois, then write a paragraph on his life.

Dolly the Sheep Cloned, 1997
Read about sheep and color one.

Winslow Homer (painter) born, 1836
Color a painting by Homer.
Pierre Renoir (artist) born, 1841
Color a drawing by Renoir.

Quiet Day
Read about the noisiest animal on Earth and write a paragraph about it.

William "Buffalo Bill" Cody born, 1846
Color and read about the American buffalo (the bison).
Polar Bear Day
Read and color a polar bear printout.
Congress Authorized Lewis and Clark's Trip, 1803
Read about Lewis and Clark's Adventurethendraw their route and label the states they passed through.
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