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     Research shows that family engagement is critical to a child's academic achievement and social development. 



     The two best ways you can support our school’s curriculum at home is by encouraging spoken language. I also suggest visits to the public library, and allowing your child to self-select reading materials that catch their interest. Fostering good reading habits at an early age helps children become proficient readers and life-long learners.


 Preschool Family Activities Calendar:  


Please see below for skills you can work on at home to reinforce skills being taught in school:

*Practice letter recognition

*Review Letter identification and sounds for Oo, Kk, Qq, Pp, Nn, Ee, Zz, Aa, Jj, Gg, Rr, Xx, Dd, Ww, Ll, Ii, Bb, Tt, Vv, Yy,  Uu, Cc, Hh, Ss,  Mm, and Ff

*Practice counting items up to twenty

*Practice rote counting aloud to twenty

*Practice the correct pencil grip

*Practice using scissors

*Practice spelling and writing first and last name

*Practice writing your numbers from one to ten

*Practice reciting your address and phone number

*Play with play dough to enhance fine motor strength