Class Rules


flagOUR PLEDGE    bear


We pledge to respect ourselves and others, always give our best, come to class ready to learn and have a positive spirit each and every day!


In order to have a happy and peaceful classroom as well as ensure that we have successful learning experiences, students have agreed to the following goals and ways to achieve them:


We are working toward a:Learning Classroom

You will see us:

*Try hard
*Always give our best


We are working toward a: Helping Classroom

You will see us:

* Give Hints
*Tell the teacher if someone is nervous
*Help friends talk to a person who hurt them or made them feel bad


We are working toward a: Quiet Classroom

You will see us:
*Raise our hand to share with others
*Work quietly


We are working toward a: Peaceful Classroom


You will see us:

*Be calm
*Work out our problems with words
*Use small voices
*Talk about our problems

We are working toward a: Clean Classroom

You will see us:

*Put things away
*Keep materials organized
*Throw trash away
*Clean our desks

We are working toward: Respectful Classroom

You will see us:

*Take responsibility for ourselves
*Take care of everyone's property
*Do nice things for each other

*Listen carefully to each other
*Pay attention
*Be kind and gentle



INTEGRITY:To act according to what ¦s right and wrong.

INITIATIVE:To do something because it needs to be done.

FLEXIBILITY:The ability to alter plans when necessary.

PERSEVERANCE:To keep at it!

ORGANIZATION:To work in an orderly way.

SENSE OF HUMOR:To laugh and be playful without hurting others.

EFFORT:To do your best!

COMMON SENSE:To think it through.

PROBLEM-SOLVE:To seek solutions.

RESPONSIBILITY:To do what is right.

PATIENCE:To wait calmly.

FRIENDSHIP:To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring.

CURIOSITY:To investigate and seek understanding.

COOPERATION:To work together toward a common goal.

CARING:To show/feel concern.

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