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Welcome to Mrs. Tarriff's First Grade Classroom

Welcome to Week 3! Included in this folder are packets of lined paper.  There is also a Spelling Practice packet (starting with “Circle & Sort” page) where students can practice ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, y, oa, oe, ow words.  These are ONLY to be used if school is closed after spring break.  Please place these aside so students do not do them now.

Remember, the goal is to simulate a regular school day, every day, for the children so please do not allow them to go ahead! Please also follow the suggested guidelines below of how to pace out your child's day. This work does need to be completed to continue practicing content instruction and be used as evidence of their learning. Please just keep everything in the same folder to return back to school. 

**If your child works with Mrs. Tapke for Reading, please visit her webpage for suggested activities.

**If your child works with Mrs. Stockton for Math, please visit her webpage for suggested activities.

Weekly Student Schedule K - 6 (HES)






Reading/Writing (40 Mins)

Reading/Writing (40 Mins)

Reading/Writing (40 Mins)

Reading/Writing (40 Mins)

Reading/Writing  (40 Mins)

Math (40 Mins)

Math (40 Mins)

Math (40 Mins)

Math (40 Mins)

Math (40 Mins)

Media Center (20 Mins)

Social Studies (20 Mins)

Science (20 Mins)

Social Studies (20 Mins)

Science (20 Mins)

Physical Education

(20 Mins)


(20 Mins)


(20 Mins)


(20 Mins)


(20 Mins)

Week of 3/30-4/3

* The videos listed below are just for fun/extra practice and help. They are not mandatory to be watched.

Reading & Spelling (Suggested time= 40 minutes)


Phonics/Reading Comprehension packets- (beginning with “Gail the Snail”) These packets go along with the students spelling words that were given out for the weeks of remote learning.  Students are asked to complete 1 page per day. Students will read the story and answer the questions that go along with the story.


Monday 3/30

Gail the Snail (ai)

Tuesday 3/31

Little Bluejay (ay)

Wednesday 4/1

Beach Trip (ea)

Thursday 4/2



Friday 4/3

Where is the Fly (ie)

Students should also read for at least 10 minutes every day. Students may continue to read leveled books from their pouches,  books from home, or books online (websites listed below). Please complete one graphic organizer (packet beginning with-”Building a Story”) each day. Students may create their own graphic organizers if they want to practice reading skills!

*(Students may also finish completing stories from last week’s packets if they did not complete them.  The packets were titled “A Rainy Day” or “At The Pool” depending on your child’s reading level.)

*Optional: I-Ready Reading- Students can work on iReady Reading  for 10 minutes per day. (Students have their passwords.)


-ie and -y(as in long i) words

Videos that students can watch at home:


First Step Reading:

kids vs. phonics ie/y


*Every day, have students choose one task from tic tac toe board to practice their spelling words.


Other options: 

-write each word in a sentence

-write a story using at least 5 of your words

-rainbow write your words with 3 crayons

-write your words 3 times each

-write your words in ABC order


*Once done students can:

-Complete any optional pages sent home

-Login to iReady and complete a task.



Every day, students will complete 1 page from the “Sentence correction” packet (continued from first packet if there are any pages left)


 Math (Suggested time= 40 minutes)

At the back of this packet is a 120 chart for reference and “alligator mouths/equal signs” that the students can cut out for extra practice in comparing numbers

**If the pages say to use objects from a math toolkit, you can replace these items with objects found around your house or the students can just draw them on the paper.


Monday 3/30

Students will complete Lesson 22 Session 2 in math packet

Pgs 495-498

Optional pgs. 499-500

Tuesday 3/31

Students will complete Lesson 22 Session 3 in

math packet


Optional pgs. 505-506

Wednesday 4/1

Students will complete Lesson 22 Session 4 in

math packet

Pgs. 507-508

Optional pgs. 509-510

Thursday 4/2

Students will complete Lesson 22 Session 5 in

math packet

Pgs. 511-512 AND Skills

and Fluency Worksheet

Friday 4/3

Students will complete Lesson 23 Session 1 in

math packet

Pgs. 515-516

Optional pgs. 517-518

Comparing numbers:

Hungry Alligator song:


*Once done, students can:

-Practice counting various objects around your house and add them up.

-Practice homemade flashcards

-Login to iReady and complete a task.


Writing (suggested time=20 minutes)

 Please complete 1 writing piece every other day. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  On Monday, March 30th we will begin with “How To Clean Your Room”.  Please remind students to start each sentence with a capital letter and end with an end mark. (., ? or !)  They may phonetically spell words that are not “trick words”. For example, fance for fancy.


Monday 3/30

“How To Clean Your Room”

Wednesday 4/1

“A Playful Puppy”

Friday 4/3

“Cook and Eat”

If students finish either of these early, they can draw a picture to go along with their writing.  Please remind students to label their pictures and add details!!



Social Studies/Science (Suggested time= 20 minutes)

 Please complete 1 every other day (on days when not doing writing- Tuesday & Thursday).  We will start with “Animal Habitats” from the social studies/science packet.  

Tuesday 3/31

Animal Habitats

Thursday 4/2

My Animal Habitat

Jack Hartmann:

Animal homes (cartoon):

Animal habitats (Discovery Education):



Good News!!

Many websites are offering free subscriptions for students at home.  One that students are familiar with is called EPIC.  Please follow the directions below if your child would like to go on.  These books can be used to go along with the graphic organizers that were included in the colored folders.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty logging on and I will do my best to help you!!
Happy Reading!

Class Log In Instructions

Have your students open up their web browser and
Log in with your class code
Select their name and they’re in!
View and edit class roster
I hope yesterday went well for everyone! Thank you parents for your support at home. Please reach out to me if you have any questions! I would love to hear from the children so please let them know that they can send me a little message if they want to keep in touch😉
I found some free websites and activities for the children if they want to keep busy throughout the day!  My son and I watched author and illustrator, Mo Willems, yesterday in his home studio. It was very cute and kept my son busy while I answered some emails! 

Elephant and Piggie Book Lovers⤵️
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems- Tune in at 1PM
20 Free Virtual Field Trips for Kids⬇️


**Great Information Shared by Our Social Worker, Mr. DiLorenzo**

Strategies to Help with Children's Anxiety, Parent Anxiety, & Uncertainty of COVID-19

3 Ups, 1 Down, and a Cheer
This was the last thing mentioned on the webinar, but it was my favorite, which is why I am putting it first. Let's encourage our families to sit down at dinner and say 3 positive things that happened during the day, 1 challenging thing, and 1 person you'd like to cheer on or shout-out. There's a lot of frustration going on, but we can always find something positive, even if it is small. 

The 4 C's- Control, Challenge, Commitment, and Connection
Control- Because there is a lot going on right now that it is out of our control, we need to find things that we can have some control over. An example could be creating a daily schedule for yourself and your children, finding different activities to keep you active, etc.

Challenge- It's easy to view this time as a problem and constantly looking at all the things going wrong for us. When we have this "problem" mindset, that makes the situation seem insurmountable and unable to overcome. Instead, let's look at this time as a challenge and find ways to keep us comforted and safe. This is especially important for our children. No one knows when the situation will improve, but we can still do things that will bring positivity to our lives.

Commitment- This is a tough one, because we all have various commitments that we now have to adjust. It's suggested that we create new routines and find different ways to maintain a sense of "normalcy" and stick to a plan of action.

Connection- Finally, it is important that we still feel a sense of connection. Plan virtual play dates for the kids, so they can still connect with their friends. If you are unable to visit grandparents, have the children write them letters or draw pictures to mail over. There are many things that can be done to maintain connection to others.

How to converse with your child about COVID-19:
If children ask about COVID-19, it is suggested that you do not sugar coat it to the children, but make it age appropriate. A conversation about it with a Pre-K student will look totally different than a conversation with a 6th grader. It's ok to not have the answers, and it's ok to share that with the children because it's the truth. Honesty is the best way to go. However, if a child inquires about it, start the conversation off by asking them what they think they know about it. Then ask what their fears are surrounding this situation. Then, you will have an opportunity to brainstorm with your child different coping strategies to help them feel more safe and comfortable. It was also suggested to have older children conduct research into COVID-19 using only reputable resources, such as CDC, WHO, etc and share what they learned. Have them research ways they can give back to the community during this time. Finally, remember to validate their emotions. It's ok to disagree with what another person is feeling, but we shouldn't discourage or belittle another person, especially a child, when they convey a particular emotion. A good response would look like, "I know you're feeling scared. It's a scary time for everyone. Let's find some things that might make you feel safe."

I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year! Please contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to watching your child grow this year!

Reminder:  Please return your child's dismissal form if you have not done so already. Thank you!!!

Monday- Library
Tuesday- Spanish
Wednesday- Gym and Art *Sneakers 
Thursday- Computers and Gym *Sneakers
Friday- Music

Important Reminders
Please send your child's plastic folder to school everyday along with a small snack. We have a short "working" snack in the morning. 
Please label all envelopes, bags, and any other important items. 

Students will receive 1 sheet of math homework and 1 sheet of literacy homework each night except on Fridays.  If your child is having a lot of difficulty with something, please write me a short note and I will work with him or her the next day. Please READ each night too! We are adding members to our Reading Club now!!

Spelling Words:

Trick Words: