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Have a wonderful and well deserved summer boys and girls!!! I am so proud of all of you. Congratulations to all our graduates!!! I look forward to seeing all of you in September. 
Pre K - 6th Grade Final Video - Week of 6/15:

Online Physical Education activities due to emergency closing: 

Welcome to my web page! Students in grades Pre k - 6 will be required to participate in one PE period a week. The expected duration for each week is 20 minutes. Students in grades Pre k - 2 should review the packet that was sent home last month. Upon completion please view my web page for additional activities. Students in grades 3-6 will participate in a variety of online fitness related activities including yoga, fitness dice and dance. If you scroll through my page you will find activities as well as a link for google classroom for both grades 1 & 2 as well as 3-6. I hope you enjoy these activities and look forward to seeing you soon. I miss you all! 

- Mrs. Cook


Thanks so much to everyone who participated in virtual field day! I loved seeing everyone's pictures and hope you had a great day. I will leave up field day information for one more week in case anyone wanted to try some more events. 

Google Drive with Open Phys. Ed. event cards, announcements and demonstration videos:

Event Description Cards (in google docs not pdf):

Pre  K - 2nd Grade Information/Activities: 

Congratulations on graduating Pre K & Kindergarten!! 

Pre K & K Activities Week of 6/8/20:

Pre K & K Activities Week of 6/1/20:

Pre K & K Activities Week of 5/18/20:

Pre K & K Activities Week of 5/11/20:

Grade 1 & 2 Activity Information (week of 4/20): 
 Grades 1st & 2nd (please use google classroom to view weekly activities)
Google Classroom Code: dakve3b

Week of 6/8/20: You Pick Two - Choice Board:

Week of 6/1/20: Hide and Seek Speed Stack activities, Fitness Stacks and more:

Week of 5/18/20: Keep It Up Striking Challenge and Paper Plate Paddle Activities:

Week of 5/11/20: Chalk your walk obstacle course and other chalk games:

Week of 5/4/2020 - Plastic bag challenges and Star Wars Theme Activities (may the 4th be with you)

**For your convenience I created a google classroom for grades 1 & 2. Starting the week of 4/6 you will have weekly assignments/activities through that site. Grades Pre K-K will have their assignments posted to my webpage each week. All grade levels will have to either use google classroom or email me upon completion. Students should also create an activity log to track their activities. If you have any questions please email me at

Grades 3-6 Information/Activities: 
Upon completion of each video or activity please have your parent print and sign the bottom portion of the worksheet (if you have a printer) You can also sign in weekly to google classroom or email me at to earn credit. 

***Students who are not accessing google classroom still need to email me at the end of each week to earn credit. ***

Google Classroom Code for grades 3-6:  rrl5tbr
Go to the classwork section for activities or look here on the webpage.

Congratulations 6th Graders!!! I will miss you all. 

Week 11 (week of 6/8/20):

Week 10 (week of 6/1/20):

Week 9 (week of 5/18):

Week 8 Activities (Week of 5/11):
Week 7 Activities (week of 5/4):



Hello everyone! My name is Mrs. Cook and this is my 13th year here at H.E.S. I am excited to begin our school year and look forward to teaching you! I hope to incorporate a variety of new games and fitness activities into my P.E. program; if you have any suggestions please drop them off in the suggestion box!! I am always looking for new ideas : ) Games help children learn important skills such as problem solving, sharing, following rules and directions and being a team player. Aside from games, students will be introduced to sports for recreational purposes while developing sportsmanship qualities.  These skills will help develop agility, balance, cardio-vascular endurance, flexibility and strength.


Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 732- 872 -1476 or email me at

  • Wednesday, February 12th - Annual Jump Rope for Heart (Pre k -6. Bring water and wear sneakers) All students should hand in their slips no later than February 7th. 
  • Congrats to Angelina Kennish for being our "Top Dog" in donations this year. Our school raised over $4,900 dollars for the American Heart Association. Thank you to all the HES families and staff members who donated!  


  • Thursday, December 12th - Cosmic Bowling in the gym to conclude our bowling unit. Grades 1-6. Please try to wear the color white or bright colored clothing.

  • Congratulations to our Speed Stack Champion - Ethan Hartsgrove

                 March & April 
P.E. Activities:

Grades Pre K- 1: Review of changing levels and speeds, hand eye coordination using deck rings and noodles as well as striking skills. 

Grades 2-3: fitness testing, striking skills and hand eye coordination skills using noodle bits. 

Grades 4-6: Fitness testing, noodle bit games and striking skills. In April students will also start to learn the rules of badminton (striking with short handled implements)  

P.E. Rules:

1. Sneakers Must Be Worn During P.E.

2. Please wear the appropriate clothes in P.E. (No dresses or skirts. As the colder months approach please have students bring in sweatshirts/jackets, we will be going outside. Long hair should be pulled back)

3. No Jewelry

4. Follow Directions The First Time Given

5. Respect Each other & Our Equipment

6. Do Your Best

7. Play Safe & Have Fun!

***Grades are based on preparation (including participation), behavior and attitude. Students who are unprepared more than 3 times will have a N for Needs Improvement on their report card.

What does the President's Challenge test for?

These five events test students on muscular strength, endurance, speed and agility and flexibility.

The physical fitness test/challenge rates students in three levels of achievement. They are as follows:

  • Presidential (students who achieve an outstanding level of physical fitness. Students who qualify within the 85th percentile in all five events are eligible for this award)
  • National (Students who score above the 50th percentile on all five events demonstrate a basic, yet challenging level of physical fitness.)
  • Participation (Students whose scores fall belows the 50th percentile will receive a participation certifciate for completting all of five events)


  • Please remember the following items for the mile run: 
  • Water Bottle with your name on it
  • Sneakers
  • Sweatshirt/Jacket (depending on weather)
  • Ipod/mp3 player

When Does Your Child Have P.E.?


Pre K. T/Th

Gr. K(Toye): M/W

Gr. K (Acerra): T/W

Gr. 1A & Mrs. G: T/Th

Gr. 1T: W/Th

Gr. 2 Culp: M/T

Gr. 3A: T/W

Gr. 3B Cusson: M & T

Gr. 4: W/Th

Gr. 5: M/T

Gr. 6: M/W


Exercises To Do At Home: 
Fall Activities: Couch sit ups, ride your bike, skate board park, take your pet for a walk or jog and play tag with siblings or friends

Activities: basketball, yoga, snow board, go sleigh riding, wii just dance, have a snowball fight or build a snowman. 
Spring: go to the park, bike ride, baseball, kickball, softball, tennis, soccer, dance or play golf. 

Helpful Health Links: