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 Online General Music classes-
PLEASE.. do not let any of this become an additional stress in your life. If you have any issues or questions, please email me at I will give any help I can. We must remember that this is a new way of having class, for both you and me. My class is primarily performance based in school. This is definitely different. We can work together!

Here are some of my favorite songs. Please forgive my guitar playing. I'm not that good. Unfortunately, my piano is out of tune. Definitely shouldn't have procrastinated on that!

 Find more fun songs on my
Songs page!

Music Games
Identify the Instruments

Rhythm Tracker

Let's have some fun!

Whack a Note!

Peg's Parade
Monster Music

Instrument Lessons
Google Classroom Codes

Flute- ek7bpm5
Oboe- djunkm5
Clarinet- nmkqpxx
Alto Saxophone- mpisvqr
Soprano/ Tenor Saxophone- vb7h5ug
Trumpet- a4nctr7
Trombone- pqh6mdw
Percussion- xkm4j3i

Highlands March

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General Music

Composers Songs Rhythm Pitch
Tempo Dynamics Form Articulation
Keyboarding Recorders Vocabulary Musicians

Current class highlights-

Composer of the Month- Aaron Copland

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Instrument Options
Instrument lessons are given once a week. Students who are placed into the Osprey Band also get a band rehearsal once a week.

Strive to practice for thirty minutes five times a week! 

The more you practice, the better you get!!!

Bayshore Honor Band 

February 17- 21February 24- 28, March 2- 6, March 9- 13March 16- 20, March 23- 27, March 30- April 3

Instrument Classes ~

Mondays -

4th & 5th Clarinet, Sop./ Alto Saxophone, & Trumpet: 
Soul Rock, When the Wind Whispers

5th Alto Saxophone & Percussion:
Soul Rock, When the Wind Whispers
4th & 5th Flute, Oboe, Trombone, & Percussion:
Soul Rock, When the Wind Whispers

4th Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, & Trumpet:
Soul Rock, When the Wind Whispers

Tuesdays -

6th Advanced: 
All Spring Concert music

6th Flute, Alto Saxophone, & Percussion: 
All Spring Concert music

Fridays -

Osprey Band: 
All Spring Concert music

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Rehearsals are after school on Mondays 3:05- 4:00 in the music room! We have a great group this year!


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Concert Programs
2020 Spring Concert Program
Tuesday, June 2nd, 7:00 pm

Combined Band
Star Spangled Banner
When the Wind Whispers
Soul Rock
(The Tempest)

Osprey Band
Spinning Wheel
(The Greatest Showman)

Small Ensembles


The Happy Wanderer

Complete Concert Ensemble
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

2019 Winter Concert Program
Monday, December 16th, 7:00 pm

Combined Band
Oh Hanukkah
Angels on Parade
Santa's Angry Elves

Osprey Band
Star Spangled Banner
Festival of Lights
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Small Ensembles

Holidays are Coming!
Hannukah Shalom
The Candlelight Canon
Carol of the Bells



​ Concert Archive


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If you need to contact me, please email me at