Lauren McBain

 Welcome to First Grade!!


Special Schedule
M- Gym
T- Spanish
W-Media & Gym
F- Art & Music

Homework for the week of 6/4
M- Quick Check 15.5
T- Quick Check 15.6
W- Quick Check 15,7
Th- Quick Check 15,8

Skills to Practice
- Addition and Subtraction facts to 20 Memorizing doubles facts Memorizing ways to make 10 Fact families Describing numbers by their tens and ones Writing number 1-120 Skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Comparing numbers using greater than, less than, equal to words and symbols Putting 2 digit numbers in order from least to greatest or greatest to least Adding and Subtracting 2 digit numbers Regrouping Comparing items by length and height Telling time to the hour and half hour

Creating graphs and Tally Charts
 Reading and Answering Questions about graphs and charts 


M-Th Read with a grown up for 10 minutes and write a sentence about what you read. 
Th- Write spelling words 3x each

Spelling Test Friday 6/8

Beginning and Ending Blends

  1. blast

  2. crunch

  3. twist

  4. print

  5. spend

  6. swing

  7. trunk

  8. blink

  9. drink

  10. shrunk


Keep working on sight words!


Words to review


a   and away big blue can come down find . for funny go help here I     in is it jump little look make me my  not. one   play red run said see the three to two up we where yellow you
all  am    are      at     ate   be     black     brown but    came     did  do     eat    four   get   good   have    he    
into like must new no now on our out please pretty ran ride saw say she so soon that    there    they    this   too    under   want  was   well   went   what   white   who   will         with yes

after     again     an     any     ask     as     by     could    every    fly    from    give going   had
has    her    him    his     how     just     know    let    live    may   of   old   once   open

over put  round some stop take thank them then think walk were when