Lauren McBain

Hi 4th Grade! I will be posting your lessons daily. You will have 40 minutes of math and 40 minutes of ELA daily. You will also have Social Studies 2x a week for 20 minutes and Science 2x week for 20 minutes. Please email with questions. Please make sure you are emailing me daily with your completed assignments. Stay well!
I will be available on Google Hangout from 9-1 if you have any questions or just want to say hi. You do not need to send me everything. Just follow the task instructions for what needs to be submitted.

Assignments for 4/8



Lesson: Points, Lines, Rays, and Angles 

Grade 4

Subject- Math 

Expected Duration: 40 min

Delivery method- online 

Collection method emailed response

Objective: SWBAT identify and draw points, line segments, rays, and angles and identify them in two dimensional figures, recognize an angle as a geometric shape, identify acute, right, and obtuse angles, identify and draw parallel and perpendicular lines.  

Task instructions- *This is what students will do*

Students will complete interactive tutorial for angles on I-Ready 

Students will complete workbook pgs. 655-660. Please email numbers 6-8 on pg. 658

Lesson- Wonder 

Subject ELA -

Expected Duration 40 min 

Delivery method- online

Collection emailed response 

Objective SWBAT answer questions about key details in a fiction text. SWBAT make  text to self, text to text, and text to world connections while responding to a journal prompt

Task*This is what students will do*

Students will read Wonder pgs 111-117 ( Trick or Treat, Time to Think)

Students will answer the following question. Please restate all questions and make sure you are answering in a complete sentence. 

Why did Auggie not tell Via that Miranda had called the house?

Please complete the following journal prompt

Pg. 115

Via says that although her bad days may not compare to Auggie’s bad days,  “The point is we all have to put up with the bad days.” What does she mean by this? Make at least 3 connections (text-text, text-world, text-self).

Lesson- Scholastic News 

Subject SCI/SS

Expected Duration 20 min 

Delivery method- online


Objective Students will read informational text to learn about current events 

Tasks* This is what students will do*

 Students can log onto Scholastic News

Class Code: blueplant6198

Read the Current Issue “What a Waste”

On Thursday you will be answering questions about the article “Can Kids Save the Planet”

Looking for more to work on.......

You can work on I-Ready Reading and Math You can read Scholastic News- go to   our class code is blueplant6198 You can read on go to our class code is jbd1022 You can practice math and science on Legends of Learning- go to our class code is McBain1 You can go to to practice ELA and Math games