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Find this week's lessons and related worksheets on page 1. This week's plans are labeled June 8 to June 16. I have them all listed for the rest of the school year.

This week your Language Arts assisnments will center around summer. I hope you have fun thinking of places you would like to visit and writing or drawing about them. You will also need to think about items you would bring along whether you were going out for a day or for an overnight stay. I hope you have some fun planning an imaginary trip.

All students should complete 10 minutes of Reading and 10 minutes of Math each day on 

Good News

I received a message from Epic. Our class has read a whopping 258 books! Awesome!

For those who haven't tried getepic yet see below.

I have signed us up for Epic. This is a website we can access for reading. There are many books to choose from and I can assign books to read and make assignments from.

Instructions for signing in:
Laptop or Chromebook
1. go to
2. sign in with class code dvh5847
3. select their name and they are in
open the Epic app and
1. click on "Have an account?Sign In"
2. Sign in with your class code dvh5847
3. select their name and they're in.

Feel free to look around Epic!

Welcome to a new week of learning. I hope you find this week's lessons interesting and a little fun too. You all got your Math workbooks. You will be using them for math work, but, don't forget to do i-ready also.

Say "hello" to your family and tell them what kind of day it is going to be each day.
I hope today is a happy learning day. Keep busy.
Do your work.
Read a book.
Get some exercise.
Be helpful around the house.
See you online soon.

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Welcome to Mrs. Toye's Web page

 **Daily Home Practice should include sight word reading using the word cards sent home, number counting using the 100 chart, letter recognition.

Breakfast is served each morning in class. It is offered to each child. If you do not want your child to eat breakfast in school please let me know. 

Children should bring a healthy snack to school each day. We have snack in the afternoon. 

Kindergarten lunch on full days begins at 


Special Schedule


Monday - Gym, Library/Media

Tuesday - Spanish, Music

Wednesday - Gym

Thursday - Computers

Friday - Art


Learning News

Language Arts - The children have begun reading groups. They are using readers that incorporate their sight words. It is important they recognize these words quickly. 

Sight words - These words should be practiced for homework daily. . . has, have, with, look, little, on, no, come, go,we, the, see, I, can, like , a, am, to, it, is, in, and, run, that, of, my, me, you. 

Sight Words
The importance of sight words and high frequency words - these words are the most commonly occurring words while reading. Learning sight words and recognizing them quickly assists the students in understanding what they read. They won't need to slow down to figure them out.

The letters  - 
We  work on letter and sound recognition daily. 
Quick recognition of  letters will assist with word recognition.

Letters taught to date - recognition of all letters and their corresponding sounds have been taught. We are currently working on the procedure for writing both the upper and lower case letters. The children will receive homework to practice letter formation.   

The short vowel sound is what they have learned. We will be incorporating the silent e to make a long sound as it occurs in their reading books. 

The sound for g and c taught is the hard sound for these letters. 


Concepts to be reviewed - sight words, letters taught, numbers through 10, counting to 100 by 1's and 10's. 

Writing - As the children are taught to write their letters and names, they are taught that the letter stroke should always begin at the top and "pull down". This action could be reinforced at home as they practice what they have learned in school.

Written response - This is begun with an illustration to a prompt related to a story that was read. They will begin to add writing to their responses. They will use sight words and sound spellings to tell about what they drew. 

Math - We have begun with the basics - recognition of numbers 0-10, the amounts that correspond to the number and how to write the numbers using their lined pages. They are also beginning to understand the concept or more/less and 1 more. Beginning addition has started with the introduction of learning 2 parts that equal a given number such as 5 = 3+2. This process has been completed to the number 10.

Counting to 100 is the goal for kindergarten students. We will work on this skill through the year. The students will use a number chart to assist them as they practice. Recognizing patterns as they count through the decades will also assist them with this skill.

Each student received a laminated number chart to assist them with the above skill. They should use the chart and practice counting daily.