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                      Fantastic Kindergarten

*Please Scroll down to find each day.  I will be keeping up the information in case you did not get to it that day.

Dear Parents: Just a few questions for you.
Did you get the letter from me and the future work packet from the school?

Just wondering if you have a printer at home?

Did you get the information about a G-Mail account for your child?

I am not sure if I have to invite you to Epic. Will let you know

Kids log in- Colnork
   Each child has a pass picture.

Reilly- rabbit        Bobby-duck          Emily-fish          Lucy-turtle
Isabella-cat          Chris-Lizard     Lillianna-watermelon
Sydney-strawberry     Annabelle-apple      Katie- sailboat

Please use document box on the top of the web page now.  I do not know what happened to the useful links on the left side of the page.  It just vanished . Some of the links might be on page 2. UGH

WOW too much for a Monday morning!

Good Morning, Today is Monday,March 30th, 2020.  We go to Media and Music today!

*Wake up time: Document Box (links)  Concepts for daily review

TO DO: Word Work    here/was
Lets write a sentence- I was at the __________.  Here is the ____ I saw at the ______.
Illustrate.  Remember it has to make sense!   Use your little journals.

*LAL- Book- A Bud is Up  (this book is a little different.  It shows the order of planting it with numbers) 
If you got your letter from me  plant your seeds!  Think about the order of how you would do it.
Use your little journal and illustrate the order of how you did it!  Send me a picture of you planting your seeds if you want!

I-Ready  reading   10 minutes

WIGGLE TIME- Pick a wiggle

Math- We are starting Chapter 15  Parents please read the Family Letter.(if it's not in there sorry in advance)  It will explain how to make shapes by using other shapes.
Student pages Explore-289           Connect it  -290
I Ready- 15 minutes

Science- Link- What are the Parts of a Plant and their function?
In your Science Note Book draw a plant. Label it using the words:

Write a sentence and answer this question    Who gets pollen stuck to their legs?
Complete answer- A ___gets pollen stuck to its legs.   Illustrate

JUST FOR     Play around with it   Let me know what you think.


Good Morning, Today is Tuesday March 31st, 2020.  Today is the last day of March.  Will it be a lion or a lamb day?  Today we go to Gym and Spanish.

 Wilson lowercase /u/
Lets write a sentence about something that can go up.

To Do-Page 167  Letter u.  Listen for the beginning sounds of the word.  
umpire, upside down, under,up
Write some sentences on the back of the page using the words.  Use your sentence starters on your laminated tool packet.  Don't forget your periods.

*I-Ready-Reading 15 minutes
Reread a Bud is Up.  Use your highlighter to highlight words with the /u/ sound.
Color the book.

Get the Wiggles OUT!  Pick a wiggle on the links

Math- I-Ready  15 Minutes
Math worksheets  pages -Prepare for building shapes- pages 291-292
Number writing practice-  1-20 or higher  How High can you go?   Use your 100 chart if needed.  

Link- Seed Secrets
Answer the questions in your science notebook after you listen to the story.
1.  Fill in the blanks.  Seeds can be b__ __ and li_ _ _ _.
2.  What do seeds need to grow.  Seeds need_______.
3.  Tell me 2 ways seeds move from place to place.  Seeds can move ------- and --------.
Illustrate the two you picked!  Label them.
4.  Just for fun- can you find any seeds in your home or outside.(hint, apples)  Write down what your found in your note book.

Bed Time- Read some of your stories!  Dream about flowers growing.

Do not forget RAZ KIDS

Dear Parents, If you have not done so already please e-mail me with your child's new school e-mail account.

Good Morning, Today is Wednesday April 1st, 2020.  We have no schoolwork today.  HAHA
April fools! (had to do it).  We go to gym today.  No more lion or lamb days.  Now we say 
April showers bring May flowers!

Wake up work- Wilson upper case /U/.  Remember your patterns.  You should also be saying skyline, plane line, grass line, worm line.  They know what that means.
Try writing a sentence!

To Do Job-  Using your best handwriting- On paper or your journal.  (parents if you want to make lines for them in the journal (if needed)
*Write April showers bring May flowers.
*illustrate a picture that goes with the sentence.  Remember the words have to match the picture.  It has to make  WHAT?    sense.

LAL- Grandpa's Garden   page 218  (if you have it) might have got lost in the sauce
*Follow instructions
*Worksheet- page 172- on the back write sentences to go with the 3 words in the box up top.
I-Ready Reading- 10 minutes.
*Raz kids link  explore for yourself  I will be assigning something on Raz on Friday. Questions to follow.   It might already be there.  

WIGGLE TIME- Pick one from the links

*I-Ready- 15 Minutes
Packet pages Develop  293/294
*Write this down and draw the answer in triangles.   9+6=____

Let's talk about National Parks.
Please read this to your child.
A National Park is a scenic or historically important area of the countryside protected by the Federal Government for the enjoyment of the general public or the preservation of wild life.  How lucky you are to live in a town where a National Park is right outside your doorstep and Historical Landmarks.  You can see Sandy Hook and Twin Lights everyday!
Please view the links Welcome to Highlands.  I added Twin lights also.  Just something about the music and Summer Days seemed to calm me.(actually made me cry)  I hope it brings a glimmer of Summer Days to you.

*After viewing pretend you were a bird flying over (just like Mazie the Lazy Bird) .
*Using your journal illustrate something you saw!  Write a sentence. Start with I can see ____.
Share it with your family

BED TIME- Practice reading your assigned books this week.  Dream about going to Sandy Hook!


Good Morning, Today is Thursday April 2,2020.  We go to Computers today.

Wake-up-  Writing packet of ABC's- Handwriting practice letter /u/.
On the back draw a picture of you holding an umbrella.  Write a sentence.

To Do- Sight word practice worksheet-  the word help

10 minutes I-Ready Reading

LAL- use the link Talking Vegetables.

In your small journal draw a picture of you as a vegetable!
*write a dialogue bubble- What would you say to the spider!  Don't forget to draw the spider too.  Give it a dialogue bubble too!
Where do you think the setting of your picture would be? The Characters?  Tell a parent your answers.  

GET THE  WIGGLES OUT-Pick a wiggle

*15 minutes I-Ready
Practice pages 295/296

Health- Link Curious George
* Answer the questions at the end of the story on a piece of paper.  You are restating the question with your answer.  
1.  What did George have?  George had a___________.
2.  Who did he have to visit.  George had to visit the _______.
3.  What did he eat for dessert?   He ate______.
4.  What did George get from the Tooth Fairy?  George got a ___from the Tooth Fairy.
5  Illustrate your favorite sentence.  Read it to a parent.

Bedtime- hug your parents! Sweet dreams


review the cards

Math Information 
This week your child will continue to learn  to recognize the position and shape of objects
 Your child will continue learning to name shapes and describe them.

 Math Vocabulary
Side ,Corner ,Triangle,  Hexagon, Circle, Rectangle and Square

Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, Cube

Position Language

above,below, beside,in front of, behind and next to
Please continue to eat healthy snacks at home