Susan E. Compton

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Dr. Susan E. Compton, Superintendent of Schools

Atlantic Highlands Board of Education, Highlands Board of Education and Henry Hudson Regional Board of Education 

Dear Parents and Community Members:

On behalf of the Board of Education of Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, and Henry Hudson Regional School Districts, I extend an enthusiastic greeting and sincere welcome to our tri-district schools.  I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve as the superintendent of schools of three exemplary school districts in the towns of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands.  We are very proud of our schools and the accomplishments of our students and staff. We have a reputation of being among the top school districts in our region as well as in the state, and we want to continue to achieve at high levels and provide a rich learning environment for our students. Therefore, our pledge to the students, parents and community is a commitment to strive for excellence in all that we do to meet the needs of all students. 

It is our vision in the tri-district, that every student will achieve success and graduate as a life-long learner, and prepared for career, college and life in this fast-paced, global economy.  Therefore, each classroom setting will provide best researched-based practices in instructional strategies and maintain high expectations for all students.  Our students engage in powerful learning experiences, mastering rigorous grade level standards while developing the core thinking and learning competencies necessary to be successful in college, careers and as citizens of our global community. 

We celebrate and honor the strong relationships that have been established among and between the boards of education, administration, staff, parents and the communities of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands at large.  With an outstanding team of administrators and staff, we work in collaboration with families to engage in strategic planning and visioning that challenge and support our students.  This commitment to continuous improvements creates an environment of innovation, excellence and collaboration at all levels of our educational organization.

Please, join our school board members, administrators, staff, parents, students and the entire communities of both Atlantic Highlands and Highlands in our efforts to continue “Celebrating Success and a Legacy of Excellence” in our school districts. Always remember, education work bests when it is a partnership between students, teachers, families and our communities.

As we begin our journey into the new school year, it truly is my pleasure and distinct honor to serve as your superintendent of schools.  Thank you for visiting our website and if you have any questions about our school districts, please let me know. 


Dr. Susan E. Compton
Superintendent of Schools