Discipline Policy

Students at Highlands Elementary School need to feel secure in knowing our school is a safe and pleasant place of learning. In order to maintain an orderly climate, the administration has specific rules and procedures that our youngsters must follow each school day. Consequences exist to protect the rights of the student body, staff, and visitors.

Recess detention may be assigned to students for infractions of school rules.

After school detention may also be assigned according to the following:
Students may be detained for fifteen (15) minutes at the end of the school day. If a teacher needs to detain a student more than 15 minutes, the teacher will notify the parent at least one day in advance stating the length of time the student will be detained and infraction. Full parental cooperation is requested with such matters.

Central Office Detention may also be assigned by an administrator for more serious and/or re-occurring infractions of school rules.

Suspension of a student is a serious consequence. Students who leave the school grounds without permission, use profanity, strike another student, or are in violation of the Substance Abuse or Weapons Policy, will be suspended. A conference with the parents and administration is required for all offenses requiring suspension.

Policies and regulations outlining disciplinary procedures are on file in the school for your information. A copy of the discipline policy can be found in the Student/Parent/Guardian Handbook.

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