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Please review basic skills each night:

addition/subtraction flash cards

multiplication/division flash cards


Use those great sites to keep your skills sharp: sum dog, study island, cool math games


Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.


Homework will be posted on the homeroom teacher's site and should be completed each day.  

The best way for your child to become proficient in math is to practice the basic math facts every day.

Addition and subtraction facts -grades 1-3

Multiplication and division facts- grades 3-6


Topics this month:

  • Grade 1 addition and subtraction on a tens frame, what makes ten, fact families relating addition and subtraction, writing and reading 2 digit numbers, adding and subtracting up to 20, comparing and ordering 2 digit numbers, 10 more or less, 1 more or less
  • Grade 2 skip counting patterns, adding and subtracting with and without regrouping up to 1,000, place value up to 1,000, finding patterns in a hundreds chart, comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers, geometry of solid and plane shapes
  • Grade 3  
  • Grade 4:  multiplication of 2 digit numbers using partial products and the standard algorithm, division of 2,3,and 4 digit dividends with one digit divisors-long division                                                              
  • Grade 5  :   multiplication and division of decimals, computation with fractions and mixed numbers                                       
  • Grades 6  : Positive and negative integers with real life applications.  Continue homework practice with multiplication and division of fractions with whole numbers, mixed numbers, and fractions, decimal computation.   
  • AFTER SCHOOL MATH grades 3-4 continue home practice on Study Island and Khan Academy with fractions

Mission Statement

The mission of the Highlands Borough School is to provide a safe environment for the study of a challenging and balanced curriculum which will enable students to become independent and critical thinkers. Opportunities will be provided for students to develop self-esteem, social values, and the motivation needed to continue individual growth while also developing a respect for cultural differences. This mission requires an active and responsible partnership of students, staff,community, and school board.


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